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Vote for Scott Worsham as your DeSoto County Sheriff on August 6th and let's put experience to work!

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About Chief Worsham

Although Chief Scott Worsham became Hernando’s Chief of Police in October of 2015, he began his law enforcement career over 20 years ago ('97) with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife fisheries and Parks. In 1999 he joined the Horn Lake Police Department and would remain there for over 16 years.

Chief Worsham is a fervent believer in the “broken windows” theory of community policing. He trains and expects officers to utilize crime reports and data to develop strategies and deploy resources to areas of concern. To maintain and foster prosperous relationships between its citizens and business community is paramount to success in proactive policing. This proactive approach to policing drastically reduces crime and in turn accomplishes the mission of reducing the fear of crime, and enhancing public safety for our community.

Not only is Chief Worsham a graduate of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy in Pearl, Mississippi, but he also graduated from the FBI National Academy, Session #244. He has held instructor certifications in 13 areas of Law Enforcement, and accumulated over 5000 hours of continuing education and training hours. He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Mississippi Chiefs of Police, FBI National Academy Associates, and past director Southeastern SWAT Association State of Mississippi.

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Experience Matters

Voted DeSoto's
Best Police Chief
2016, 2017, 2018

Serving DeSoto
For More Than
20 Years

National Academy

Drug Trafficking

Firearms Instructor

2000 Hours of
Tactical Unit
Team Training

Certifications, & Training

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Protecting our Community

Scott Worsham will continue his proactive approach on policing as he has done his entire 22-year career and as Chief of Police. His staff will focus on patrolling the unincorporated areas of DeSoto County to address all crimes in all communities in a high visibility proactive approach. As an experienced law enforcement leader in DeSoto County he will build better working relationships between municipal law enforcement leaders. One Team One Goal! He will formulate plans with other law enforcement leaders that collectively will protect our community and investments for years to come.

Fiscal Responsibility

As an Experienced Law Enforcement Leader Scott Worsham has worked tirelessly to maximize budgets. With his expertise in police budgeting and over two decades of law enforcement experience he understands the needs of his department and community. The current sheriff’s budget has seen nearly a million dollar increase every year since being sworn in to office 3 terms ago. As a tax payer we must ensure that tax dollars are being spent wisely and for the best of this county. Having an actual law enforcement officer overseeing the budget who understands the needs of the profession is a must.

Safeguarding Our Youth

There are 12 schools in the unincorporated areas of DeSoto County. Every school will be staffed with an SRO within the first year of his term. With a nearly 24-million-dollar budget there is NO reason why this is not currently being done! Our children deserve a safe and protected space for learning.

Accountability and Integrity

As Sheriff of DeSoto County Scott Worsham will set accountability for his staff as a priority. He will ensure that all employees are held to the highest professional standard of trust and integrity in the community. All employees of the Sheriffs Department will be hired at the highest level of professional standards. There will be no political hires of friends or family.